What is Life Coaching?

Welcome to my first post. For those that do not know what coaching is the article below provides a very brief overview of what coaching is, who it’s for and it’s benefits.

What is Coaching?

Life Coaching put simply is about having somebody who is trained to be non judgmental and unbiased in their thinking, who truly listen to you and help you work out what you need to do to shape your future the way you want it – not anybody else.

Who is Coaching for?

It is for people who feel stuck, people who feel they are confused about the way forward, find it hard to see what action needs to be taken and also find it hard to to focus on getting things done. If you don’t like or are not 100% sure about the direction your life, career, relationship etc. is taking a properly trained coach can help you find the clarity that is need and help you identify the actions you need to take in order to change course.

What are the main benefits of coaching?

Coaching has many benefits for the coachee but in my view the main benefit is that the coachee is provided the space to explore their dreams, thoughts, beliefs and fears etc. without judgement. A good coach will have the coachees agenda at the top of his/her priority list. When the coach truly listens to what you have to say and you trust them to ask powerful questions about what you say you are presented with an amazing opportunity to explore areas that may lead to immensely positive life changes. A good coach will help the coachee identify the actions needed to be taken to get their desired results and with the coachee’s consent make them accountable for the actions they commit to. The space mentioned earlier can be the catalyst for a hugely empowering and rewarding outcome from the coaching process.

Author: Dave Morris

Coaching is extremely helpful in developing potential and achieving results in life, career and business. I have always had an interest in personal development so for me becoming a Life Coach was a natural extension of that interest. I love helping others explore their true potential and achieving their goals in life. Coaching is the platform from which I feel I can do that most effectively.

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