Coaching Testimonials

Below are a few genuine testimonials that I have received from clients I have provided coaching services too. I hold the original testimonials on file for verification purposes.

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Name on file. (Sept. 2017)
“I was at a crossroads in my career and felt a bit stuck,  fearful of going forward or making the wrong decision, a lot of which I see now was based on self-doubt, itself based on experiences from my past.
David is a great listener and is very insightful; he quickly “got” the situation and helped me see the wood for the trees so that I could identify what the real issues were. He then took me through a number of approaches and tools to help me develop a much more confident, positive and pragmatic sense of myself so that whenever challenges come up, as I know they will in different forms as I go through my life and my career, I now feel better equipped to navigate a way through and come out with a good result.
I have recommended him to a close friend in similar circumstances and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

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From Mary, Dublin.

When I first went to David I thought all I had to do was tell him panic and fears I had that were stopping me from moving on and he would take over and sort it for me.

Not so, David worked with me through the weeks to show me that the solutions whether long term or day to day were in my own hands.

Through all my sessions and David’s guidance I now manage my life from a place of calm logic and not panic.   David showed me that it was in my own hands to take panic out of a problem and see a solution and I apply this now to everything in my life going forward.”

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From Alex, Dublin.

“Dave’s coaching has been instrumental in my early aviation professional and leadership journey. His support and guidance offered over 6 months has enabled me to assess my performance on a number of activities that I was involved with and successfully overcome the challenges I was faced with. In my role as chairperson of a non-profit association and being in full-time employment, Dave provided me the benefit of being able to work through important decisions and plans in order to deliver effective results for my team and in my professional role. 

My experience with Dave has been a truly valuable and enjoyable one. His ability to listen carefully and analyse my situations, as well as keeping focused on what is important, has helped me to take the right action for my both roles.
It goes without saying that having Dave as a coach, will positively impact ones skills, performance and confidence.”
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