Dead Friends Inspire Me Still

Recently my very good work colleague and friend, Brian, passed away. He died very suddenly at the age of 56, leaving a wife and two young children behind.

He was healthy with no obvious signs of illness. He left the house for work that morning never to return.

He didn’t smoke, hardly drank, wasn’t overweight and ran regularly. He was fit and healthy and his passing came as great shock to all who knew him.

As I write these words it is three weeks since he died and while the pain of the loss still lingers there is no doubt that time is doing what it does best, moving on.

As it does so attention is naturally turned to life’s daily challenges. The heartfelt sorrow experienced on his passing diminishes daily. I find myself having to purposely bring myself to reflect on the loss. That’s life I guess!!

This is not the first time I have lost a very close friend and colleague at a relatively young age. At the time Donal was 58 and he also died very suddenly. His death caused me to reflect on my own life, my own mortality.

It brought me to focus on the things that were really important to me. My family, my health, my happiness. It made me think about the work I was doing at the time, and the work I wanted to do. It made me think about life in general and how quickly it can be taken away.

As time did its thing following Donal’s death my perspective on what is important and what isn’t, went under the microscope. In the end, I made some conscious (and unconscious) decisions which led to significant changes in my life.

Changing my career path and becoming a life coach was one of the bigger of those changes. Spending more time with my family was another.

While Donal’s sudden death triggered those changes, Brian’s recent sudden death has reinforced my decision to make them.

I wish they were both here to see how it all turns out, but unfortunately, they are gone forever. I will miss them for sure.

I am extremely thankful to both of them for their friendship and inspiration in life and for continuing to inspire me in death.

May they both rest in peace.