About Success Coach

Success Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach
Dave Morris – Success Coach and Motivational Speaker

“Success is a journey, not a destination”.

I love that saying.  When I heard it first nearly 20 years ago it inspired me to look at life from a different perspective. 

I have always sought to be successful in life and as a natural by-product I have always been very interested in the subject of personal development and self improvement.

Having read several help books over the years I became intrigued by the impact that our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours have on how successful we are in life.

The curiosity and knowledge generated from my reading combined with my own personal life experiences now drives me to help others find success in life, to help them on their journey to success.

To be as effective as possible I decided to train as a qualified Life, Workplace and Career Coach. I successfully completed my training in May & June  2016 respectively and am now a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

I am extremely determined to help others identify and reach their true potential. I now see this as my goal in life, in fact more than that, my purpose.

Success Coach is the name I have chosen for my coaching practice. If you think I can be of help on your journey to success please feel free to contact me. I guarantee confidentiality.

To your success in life,